Davy Cartwright

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Acoustic singer-songwriter based in Llantwit Major, Vale of Glamorgan.

photo by Hannah Cartwright

"I'm not really a folk singer, just an old hippy who writes his own songs" Davy Cartwright

"Davy is selling himself short; for it's my opinion that he's an extremely talented singer/songwriter, who's produced some of the most moving and thought-provoking tracks I've ever heard" - Bill Everatt talking about the 'Brittle' album on Radio Celtica's 'Underground Edition' (www.celticaradio.com).

Nota Bene:- If you were looking for the original authentic "Real" Dave Cartwright, star of the folk circuit since the dawn of time, and recorder of albums on the Transatlantic label, it's not me......he's got dark hair.   His website is: www.davecartwright.net

Some quotes from the critics ...................

"awesome talent", Paddy Noonan, Founder, Radio Free USA (now www.IMradio.com)

"fine, rich voice - think Paul Simon or James Taylor when they were proper folk singers" Sound Nation

"softly spoken singer/songwriter with a host of songs in his own unique style" Barry Folk Festival

"distinct and wondrous style" Rumney Folk Club.

"good enough for any folk festival I've ever been to" Drunken Scotsman in pub

"writes better songs than Ralph McTell" drunken Welshman in pub.

"reminds me of Nick Drake" Drunken Welshwoman in pub.


Maintaining his habit of being several decades behind the times, Davy made his public debut in July 2003 with fellow singer-songwriter and ace blues guitarist Paul Duggan from Barry under the name of Steinbeck's Old Brown Boot. Played together regularly for about 18 months and produced one highly unsuccessful album - "Long Time Comin' ......." (for details see Discs above). 

Paul is now half of 'Mean Uncle Ethan' with harmonica player Tony Cresci (www.myspace.com/meanuncleethan)



  Then in the Summer of 2005 joined up with Newport singer-songwriter Lisa Matthews as "Ivy Salad". They played together for nearly two years before sliding off the plate in their different directions.


Lisa and Davy (Ivy Salad in the sun)


Davy also played acoustic bass in Paul Duggan's 'Mountain Blues' band, Mean Uncle Ethan and the Breeds, also featuring the superb harmonica of Tony Cresci. He also played a few gigs with Nancy Williams, a haunting singer based in Bridgend.

for more information contact Davy on 01446 794989

or e-mail davy.cartwright@googlemail.com