Born in South Wales in the United Kingdom, Neil Lewis is a world-class performer who has graced international stages in over 30 countries during his career on the road.  Impossible to pigeonhole, Neil has been characterized in the press as an entertainer, comedian, singer, guitarist, songwriter, actor, musician, raconteur and poet in an attempt to describe the power of his stage performance.


By the time he was 16, Neil was a TV and radio regular.  During his university years he majored in Drama and his subsequent performances included a starring role in Monte Carlo for the Welsh Drama Company alongside Richard Burton.


In 1974 he began an 11-year working relationship with the legendary Welsh singer/poet/comedian Max Boyce that earned him 5 gold albums out of a total of 12 albums he has performed on.  Neil was then awarded his own record contract with EMI RECORDS, resulting in two more albums.  During this period he was also the opening act for many of the world's biggest stars:  John Sebastian, Leo Sayer, The New Seekers, Billy Connolly, Sammy Cahn, Fairport Convention, Tom Paxton and Anne Murray.


Between 1983 and 1994, Neil performed regularly in Bermuda nightclubs between performances in North America and Europe.


Currently Neil is based in Barry, South Glamorgan where he continues to delight British audiences with his blend of music, comedy and stories gathered from his rock 'n roll roots that covers folk, popular, acoustic, electric and original music.  At the same time, Neil is in constant demand to perform in clubs throughout Ontario and East to Newfoundland where his music seduces the hearts of exiled Celts and appeals to the rustic, freedom-loving nature of Canadians.


Audiences lucky enough to experience his dynamic stage performance always come away with the feeling one gets when in the presence of someone very special.




BARRY, WALES @ 011-44-1446-746-817

Canadian Bookings: Lea Porter: (519) 896-5695